DiaMondiaL ParaPrep Fecal Concentrator kit


Proven to be the best Faecel Concentrator Kit (FCK) commercially available;
Specially designed in collaboration with top parasitologists. Ready product with extensive testing history by reference laboratories.

Unique Features and Benefits

  • Ultra high sample recovery; > 95%, ordinary FCK up to 90% at a max.
  • Improved system - design protected - you get the best results!
  • 1008 mm² filtering area.
  • 638 filter holes.
  • 450 µm filter mesh diameter.
  • Emulsification and centrifugation in same tube.
  • Available with SAF, Formaline, Formaline & Ethanol Free Fixative or empty.
  • 15 and 50 ml tubes available.
  • CE-marked.


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