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AM Instruments S.r.l


My&Clean+ is a system that allows to register all the gloved hand disinfection processes, their correct execution and frequency. In case of unsuccessful supply, it signals also the eventual necessity to repeat the process . The sanitizer is supplied directly from the 1L bottle inside the device. In this way there is no cross-contamination due to the passage between the operator's hands.The sterility of the sanitizer is guaranteed by the bottle itself, as the original packaging is not modified during the placement in the housing and its use in the device.
The number of supplies can be set, in compliance with what estabilished in the company SOPs (form 1 to 10). Moreover, there are visual and acustic alarms, to signal the success/failure of the disinfection process,absence of the bottle, low sanitizer and open door. My&Clean+ can be installed on one or more devices (that can be monitored by a remote workstation).

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