Custom Controls

Custom Controls from Environmental Isolates. Your strain. Your format. Your convenience.

Pharmaceutical microbiologists around the world trust Microbiologics quality control microorganisms for Growth Promotion Testing (GPT) and other tests. Did you know that Microbiologics also makes custom controls from environmental isolates?  

Microbiologics can produce controls from your environmental isolates that are ready to use. These custom controls offer many advantages over maintaining your own stock cultures for quality control: 

  • No need for freezing
  • Fast dissolving pellet
  • Pre-enumerated for your test methods

Microbiologics is committed to helping pharmaceutical companies protect their brand identities. We keep all organism information strictly confidential. 

The below resources show why Microbiologics custom controls are the best way to demonstrate the effectiveness of your environmental monitoring program: 

Your Microbiologics Distributor
As your Microbiologics distributor, we can help you protect your consumers and your brand identity with custom controls from your environmental isolates.

Please contact us if you need a specific product, we are meeting many customers’ unique requests.

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