EZ-CFU™ One Step

For Growth Promotion Testing

The Growth Promotion Test (GPT) is an important function in the United States (USP), European (Ph. Eur.) and Japanese (JP) Pharmacopeias. EZ-CFU™ One Step quantitative microorganism preparations are used to perform Growth Promotion Tests of culture media with ease. No dilutions are required. EZ-CFU™ One Step is designed to deliver less than 100 CFU with each 0.1 mL inoculum. Each 2 mL vial of hydrated suspension offers 19 inocula. EZ-CFU™ One Step can be used for up to eight hours after hydration if the suspension is refrigerated between uses*. For added convenience, a peel-off Certificate of Assay is included for quality control documentation.

EZ-CFU™ One Step kits include:
• 20 lyophilized pellets of a single quantitative microorganism
• 10 vials of hydrating fluid (2 mL in each vial)
• Peel-Off Certificate of Assay

Features and Applications:
• Kit contains microorganism and hydrating fluid
• Quantitative
• Does not require frozen storage conditions
• Lower price than competitive products
• Eight hour stability
• No dilutions required
• Peel-Off Certificate of Assay
• Online Certificate of Analysis
• Traceable to reference culture
• Product warranty

Instructions for use
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