QC Sets and Panels

Commercial and Miscellaneous QC Microorganism Sets

Commercial Sets contain the manufacturer recommended quality control strains for bacterial identification systems (e.g., Vitek®) and bacterial detection products (e.g., Readycult®). Miscellaneous Sets include the quality control strains required by CLSI for sensitivity testing, and appropriate microorganism groupings for a wide selection of additional quality control tests. Ordering microorganisms in sets simplifies the ordering process QC.

Microorganism sets are available for many instruments including:
• Vitek® and Vitek® 2
• MicroScan®
• API®
• BD BBL™ Crystal™, Phoenix™ and GeneOhm™
• Cepheid® Smart Cycler® and GeneXpert®
• Roche LightCycler®
• And Many More.

Choose from three convenient packaging options:
1. LYFO DISK® (vial of 6 lyophilized pellets of each single QC microorganism)
2. KWIK-STIK™ 2 Pack (2 STIKS of each single QC microorganism)
3. KWIK-STIK™ 6 Pack (6 STIKS of each single QC microorganism)

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