Ready Prepared Culture Media

A wide range of Ready Prepared Culture Media is available in all possible formats.
Petri dishes and contact plates with different diameters, lockable, gamma irradiated, single, double or triple wrapped. Tubes and bottles are available in different sizes with screw cap, snap cap or fels cap, infusion bags are available from 100 ml up to 6 liter, all terminally sterilized.
Our Ready Prepared Culture Media is manufactured according to the harmonized EP/USP/JP, ISO compliant or completely according to the customer specifications.

Ready Prepared Media is our Culture!

  • Standard and ‘Custom-made’ Ready Prepared Culture Media.
  • Petri dishes: 55 mm, 90 mm, 100 mm, 140 mm, 120 mm square-plates, bi-/tri-plates etc…
  • Bottles from glass or plastic: from 10 ml up to 2 liter.
  • Vials from glass with septum and open felscap or felscap with cover: from 10 ml up to 100 ml.
  • Tubes from glass or plastic with screw cap or snap cap: from 0,5 ml up to 40 ml.
  • Infusion bags from 100 ml up to 6 liter.
  • Cleanroom packed, single, double or triple wrapped, gamma-irradiated, 55 mm TwistLock™ contact plates, 90 mm TwistLock™ and 90 mm ClikPetridish™ settle plates for environmental monitoring.
  • QbigSeTs, plastic boxes for 20 bottles of media (TSB/FTM/Rinsing liquid), single, double or triple wrapped and ETO-sterilized for use in class 100 cleanrooms/isolators.
  • 2-D datamatrix barcode for your convenience. Just scan it and use this barcode information in your own LIMS.
  • Colorex™ media; ready to use chromogenic media made with the original powder of CHROMagar.

Please contact us if you need a specific product, we are meeting many customers’ unique requests.

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