Saliva DNA/RNA Collection Kit

The Saliva collection kit is a cost-effective and non-invasive method to capture saliva samples for DNA/RNA extraction.

The Saliva Collection Kit ensures sample stability during storage and transport at ambient temperatures without a need for refrigeration or specialized equipment. The reagent effectively inactivates pathogens (e.g. bacteria) in collected samples. Each collection tube is pre-filled with 2 mL buffer that preserves nucleic acids in samples at ambient temperature. Samples in buffer can be frozen (-20/-80°C) for prolonged periods.

How to collect the Saliva?

1. Remove the kit from packaging.

2. Deep cough and spit into the saliva collector, up to 2ml marker.

3. Add the preservation solution prefilled in tube.

4. Remove the saliva collector and screw the cap.

5. Invert tube to mix.

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