TB is a serious disease that affects a significant portion of the world’s population. Diagnosis of TB is important not only for correct treatment of the disease but also for containment of the highly contagious infected individual.

MycoDDR is a reliable processing system that facilitates the digestion and decontamination of patient specimens in a controlled process, which is essential for mycobacterium survival and recovery. It empowers labs to maximize the retention of viable Mycobacteria via rigid pH control throughout the digestion/decontamination process.

This rigid pH control leads to faster culture results, improved smear quality, and decreases lab tech variability.


  • Smears are easier to interpret
  • Obtain culture results 1 – 7 days faster
  • Reduce the risk of false negatives
  • Ragid pH control will lead to more real positives
  • Fewer specimens to reprocess
  • Reduced risk of cross-contamination
  • Easy to process specimens containing blood
  • Eliminates user variability, reducing the chances for technical error and allowing samples to be easily processed
  • Visual result confirmation
  • Contain a pH indicator

Go to our webshop to order the products. The reference numbers you need to order are:
TBNN1010-2.5 (120 tests) (2,5% NaOH with NALC)
TBNN1010-3.0 (120 tests) (3% NaOH with NALC)
TBPN67-60 (60 tests) (neutralization)
TBRB30-60 (60 tests) (resuspension)

To have a proper number of reagents, order two of the neutralization and resuspension buffers for every TBNN1010 that is ordered.

Please contact us if you need more information. You can also find more information in the brochure and Package Insert.

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