Carcasses Sampling Kit, 50cm2 Blue Sponge, 0.9% NaCl, 100ml Plastic Container

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Box, 95 pcs.

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Recommended For:
Meat Carcass sampling of to conform to EC Commission 2073/2005 on foodstuffs & compliant with ISO 17604:2003. Carcass Sponge sampling or where no neutralisers are required.

Ideal for:
Excellent recovery of organisms including: TVC, Listeria spp., Staphylococci, Enterobacteriaceae eg Salmonella, E.coli (E coli / ecoli / e. coli), Enterobacter, staphylococcus, klebsiella, E. coli Enterobacter, Enterobacter sakazakii

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