Steam; G. stearothermophilus Cell Line 7953; Log 5; Mini Self Contained Biological Indicators(MSCBI)

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Excelsior Scientific Ltd


Excelsior Scientific offers Self-Contained Biological Indicators (SCBI), Mini Self-Contained Biological Indicators (MSCBI) & Rapid Readout Self-Contained Biological Indicators (RSCBI) for monitoring steam (spore population = 105 and 106),Ethylene Oxide and Hydrogen Peroxide (population 106) sterilization processes.

Each SCBI unit consists of a plastic container with a cap, a crushable glass ampule with recovery media, and a disc inoculated with spores.
Excelsior SCBIs are offered in boxes of 50 units, and MSCBIs in boxes of 100 units. They are certified for species, population, purity, resistance (dvalue, zvalue, where applicable) and expiration date.

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