Proficiency Testing Program

• Evaluates the lab’s ability to analyze sample quality

• High quality, fit for purpose materials

• Supports evaluation of a lab’s competence to perform compendial tests

• Unbiased assessment of critical and measurable properties of analytical testing

• A variety of schemes for both quantitative and qualitative test performance

The Proficiency Testing Program aims to confirm the competency of an individual’s laboratory staff performance of conducting testing and analysis to ensure valid and reliable testing results and the overall proficiency of testing laboratories.

The USP Proficiency Testing Program is a strategic alliance between USP and NSI Lab Solutions to develop and market proficiency test schemes. NSI is a highly reputable player in the proficiency testing market with multiple accreditations: ISO/IEC 17043, ISO 17034, ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 9001. They have developed a dynamic set of schemes that evaluate a wide range of quality control analytical testing. The program provides an increased awareness of individual performance, supports accreditation requirements, strengthens quality management systems (QMS), builds confidence within multiple industries, and builds regulator assuredness during the registration and lifecycle of products.

This program offers participants an external unbiased quality assessment of proficiency that verifies the overall performance of the testing laboratory against other comparable testing laboratories. The Proficiency Testing Program leverages NSI’s broad experience to bring customers a diverse set of schemes.

See attached brochure for the proficiency Tests that are available from NSI Lab solutions.

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