Hand Disinfection

The number of inspections by the authorities regarding the accuracy and adequacy of data is continuously increasing. Regulators are focusing on a fundamental theme: data integrity. bioTRADING offers a system, called My&Clean+, that traces every gloved hand sanitisation, their correct execution and frequency, also notifying the necessity of repeating the operation in case of failure occurs.

My&Clean+ is a device that allows a safe, contaminationfree gloved hand sanitisation by automatically releasing a liquid solution. A photocell detects the presence of the hand at a specifc distance from the spraying nozzle, and an automated mechanism activates the bottle trigger delivering the solution. My&Clean+ is specifcally developed for sterile cleanroom environments. Once the bottle is placed inside the device, the liquid solution is supplied according to the simple procedure described above, no tubes, no tanks, no cross contamination caused by bottle handling. Multiple devices can be installed monitored by the remote My&Clean+ Station.

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My&Clean®+ station
My&Clean+ Station is the control console for managing all networked devices. The station stores all data from each networked device and is accessible from a browser to query data and generate reports. The database includes all the occurred events along with the operator ID, starting from the most recent.

When placed in a locker room or in a production department, CleanJet guarantees a fast and safe glove disinfection and reduces glove consumption. An automatic proximity detector senses the presence of a gloved hand and releases an alcohol-based disinfectant solution.

Download the technical data sheet

Autoclavable hands-free dispenser
A wall-mounted dispenser in polished stainless steel designed for housing a 1-litre trigger bottle hand sanitiser. The solution is dispensed by acting on the lever.

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