Qualitative QC Microorganisms as Certified Reference Material

As an ISO Guide 34 accredited manufacturer, Microbiologics offers Lab-Elite™ Certified Reference Materials to help ISO 17025 accredited laboratories meet the requirements of this standard. Lab-Elite™ Certified Reference Material is delivered in an easy-to-use KWIK-STIK™ format and includes a Certificate of Analysis inside the canister. The Lab-Elite™ Certified Reference Material product line continues to expand with the addition of new microorganism strains in this convenient format!

Kit Includes:

• One self-contained device including a lyophilized QC microorganism pellet, reservoir of hydrating fluid and inoculating swab (KWIK-STIK™ format.)
• Certificate of Analysis in the canister

Features and Applications:

• Easy-to-use KWIK-STIK format
• Traceable to reference culture
• Highly characterized microorganisms
• Supported by the highest accreditations in the industry
• For use in ISO 17025 accredited labs
• Quality Control of Research
• For validation and verification of processes and instruments

Instructions for use
Illustrated instructions
Brochure Lab-Elite™

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