Colorex Salmonella Plus

This product can be used for the detection and isolation of Salmonella species. Often present in meat, eggs and dairy products, Salmonella spp are also found in water, with the serotypes S.typhi and S.paratyphi being responsible for typhoid and paratyphoid fever.

Salmonella surveillance represents the most common routine analysis in food chain processes. Consequently, improving the efficiency of the test will lead not only to a reduction in the number of contaminated foodstuffs on the market, but also to substantial economic savings in costs related to microbial quality control.

Salmonella is generally considered a non lactose-fermenting organism, but the recent revision of ISO 6579 for Salmonella testing is a result of the growing incidence of lactose positive Salmonella spp. isolated from cases of food poisoning.

Medium Performance 
1. Meets ISO  ISO 6579-1 requirements by detecting lactose positive Salmonella.

2. Easy to read with the naked eye: Another feature of this new media resides in its nice colour contrast due to the fact that E.coli are colourless. E.coli , which are usually present in abundance in samples tested for Salmonella and can potentially hide suspect colonies, are no longer a concern.

3. High Sensitivity and Specificity: Salmonella including S.typhi, S.paratyphi A and lactose positive Salmonella) → 99%*

*Specificity and sensitivity from scientific study: “Evaluation of a new chromogenic medium CHROMagar Salmonella Plus for the detection of Salmonella species including lactose positive Salmonella, S.Typhi and S.Paratyphi” de Beaumont C., Breuil J., Dedicova D., Tran Q. 2006. Poster presented during ECCMID meeting.

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