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For faecal concentration of Helminth ova and larvae/Protozoa cysts and oocysts.

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TB is a serious disease that affects a significant portion of the world’s population. Diagnosis of TB is important not only for correct...

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The LEUKO EZ VUE test is a qualitative assay which indications of the presence of leukocytes in fecal samples. It detects the presence of lactoferrin, a biomarker for intestinal inflammation, in stool samples...

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Rhinoswab is a patented comfortable, self-administered nasal swab that provides high-yield sampling and fits existing pathology workflows...

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TECHLAB® diagnostics

TECHLAB manufactures a variety of in vitro diagnostics for enteric diseases to help determine whether a patient has a disease caused by...

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Data Availability

The last concept added to the ALCOA+ principle is Data Availability. This point is a consequence of the previous one (Data Endurance), i.e. data must not only exist, it must...

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CHROMagar Serratia

Serratia species are implicated in nosocomial infections. In several countries, Serratia marcescens is frequently associated with epidemics in intensive care units in particular...

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SARS-CoV-2 CE-IVD Control

From assay development to routine quality control, SARS-CoV-2 research materials and IVD controls from Microbiologics combine precision with the...

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Swabs for Coronavirus Testing

Since respiratory symptoms can be a sign of a cold, the flu or, under certain conditions, the COVID-19 infection, laboratory tests are required for accurate diagnosis...

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Hand disinfection

The number of inspections by the authorities regarding the accuracy and adequacy of data is continuously increasing. Regulators are focusing on a fundamental theme: data integrity...

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Request a free stopsticker!

Want to protect yourself from coronavirus? Start by washing your hands the right way. One of our most basic acts of hygiene is a key tool in preventing the spread of illnesses...

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NG Biotech Rapid tests

Antimicrobial Resistance is a Global Health Issue. NG Biotech developed a new range of rapid tests for Antimicrobial Resistance detection from cultured colonies...

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Aspergillus GM LFA

Over 30 million people are at risk of invasive aspergillosis each year because of corticosteroid use or other therapies...

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