SPLAT machine available

Automated staining machine available!
SPLAT is made to automate your special staining, time consuming, hand-made in your laboratory. The number of Tank and their volume are sized to minimize cost. SPLAT is made as a minimalist and constraint-free automate : open to any stains, no maintenance contract.

The touch-screen tablet allow you to create and easily launch your staining :
1. Load slides and tanks
2. Choose the staining
3. Click on the ‘Color’ button
That’s it !

‘SPLAT’ features:
• Compact – A4 size. Great for smaller labs or cat 3
• Easy to install
• No tap required – If fills and empties into 2L containers
• Stains 10 films at once
• Easy to programme – Stain protocol set using the tablet; unlimited number of staining techniques; intuitive software.
• 7 stain positions – Suitable for more specialist applications in departments other than Microbiology.
• 70ml stain capacity – More economical
• Rinse water is always clean – It fills in anticipation of each wash and empties after every dip.
• Water fill and empty speed can be adjusted
• Easy to load – Film holder ‘hangs’ from arm
• Very quiet operatio
• Agitation possible to set at different speeds – stain dependant.
• Programme countdown – can see how long left
• Programme can be paused or cancelled
• Alarms when complete
• Provided with universal plug adapter
• Tablet stand included
• Robust

SPLAT Brochure

Please contact us if you need a specific product, we are meeting many customers’ unique requests.

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